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The Girl Who Stood
Defier Series Book One

One girl's faith makes her a soldier...

Seventeen-year-old Lennox Winters lives an average life in a small Texas town where nothing ever seems to happen, but that all changes in a blink of an eye. After her parents are murdered on the street, she questions everything she knows and soon finds out there was much more to their deaths. Now, there's a war in her own backyard and she has only two options...go on the run and fight to survive or submit to the new Regime taking over America and imprisoning Defiers--the ones who refuse to bow. In her search for answers, she will discover her own limits and the price of standing.

Faith will be tested.
Lives will be lost.
Truth will be found.

Are you brave enough to defy?

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Defier Series Book Two

The fight has only just begun...
As the new Regime continues to rise, so does one girl's faith. Lennox Winters defied the odds and stood when everyone else bowed. Now, she must train to become a Sparrow and learn how to fight against the very men who destroyed her world. When the attacks against Defiers continue to strike close to home, she must defend her best friend and love of her life, which means she might have to go against the authority she respects.With the enemy approaching and her faith hanging in the balance, Lennox must make the hard choices that only a soldier can make.

Lines will be crossed.
Hearts will be broken.
Freedom will be taken.

Will the girl who stood still stand in the fire?

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Defier Series Book Three

The Final Battle is on the Horizon . . .

Still heartbroken over the loss of her best friend, Sky, Lennox must face her own demons as she continues to fight against Ahab and the Regime. She now serves as a combat medic, desperately searching for survivors in war-torn America. But as the Regime grows stronger and begins to genetically enhance both humans and animals, she questions whether she and her fellow Sparrows are doing enough. After an encounter with a Prowler changes everything, she must choose between vengeance and faith in God because the next mission she goes on could be her last.

Secrets will be revealed.
Pasts will be forgiven.
Defiers will be strengthened.

When all hope seems lost, who will be left standing?

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