Mandy Fender - Writer


& The Mirror Project


Young women deserve the truth!

Will you help me spread the word to let young women know that they are beautiful, destined, and loved?

The Pretty Little Truths Campaign & The Mirror Project are designed to help young women through cultural judgment and pressures, and low self-esteem. I believe everyone has a purpose and that their worth is in Christ and in Christ alone. Young women face a lot, and some feel like they are facing it all alone. My mission is to let them know they are never alone and that they have a destiny so beautiful resting on the inside them.

Give the gift of truth to the young women in your life. They deserve to know how treasured they truly are. I would be happy to write a handwritten note to the recipient should you let me know their name and want me to.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me through email info(at)mandyfender(dot)com or through the contact form.

​Mandy Fender